The best talent isn’t as far out there as you think.

The distance between you and the best talent in your industry is, simply, one small frontier. The only thing that a frontier needs is explorers who are determined to conquer it.

Enter Frontier Talent, LLC. We’re a progressive, cutting-edge search firm of seasoned recruitment professionals who leverage more than 20 years’ experience, and the industry’s most innovative tools to deliver the best candidates right to your door.

We’ve got proven experience from executive level placements to entry level experts
in right-fit positions across a wide range of disciplines including information
technology, marketing, finance, creative, merchandising/design, real estate, human
resources and operations. Our experience base includes some of the nation’s premier
brands in retail and various other outdoor/adventure related industries.


With focused, personalized attention, the latest proprietary search tools
and access to a vast, established network of candidates in your industry,
the best talent isn’t as far out there as you think.