Our recruitment strategy is one some might call a bit unconventional.

Meaning, we know who the client is, and it’s not us.

With Frontier Talent, LLC you’ll never have to wonder whether a search is driven more by your needs or the firm’s prescribed methodology. We’re guided by the overriding principle of doing whatever it takes to put the right talent within your grasp. We put our best experience and assets to work for you, including:

One-on-one attention: With Frontier Talent, LLC the only handoff is the one between you and us. We’re small, but we think big picture. That means we know that your toughest placement challenges require individual, focused attention on your needs, by the recruitment professional who knows your business—not one of ten recruiters on the same search.


Proprietary search methods & tools: Lewis & Clark didn’t set out to explore the frontier without the right equipment and the right guide. Neither should you. Frontier Talent, LLC has invested in the latest technology, search tools and methods. These assets, combined with two decades’ proven experience, yield the fastest, most up-to-date search results and a short list of the candidates best suited to your needs.

Extensive candidate network: In our case, familiarity breeds connections. Our rolodex is
substantial, with more than 20 years of tracking careers and having personal contact with the very candidates you should get to know.

The right blend of tact and tenacity: Some call it chutzpah. It’s not a skill you’ll often find listed on a resume, but it’s a key part of what we do best. With diplomacy, of course. Tracking down that needle-in-a-haystack candidate for a tough-to-fill position takes keen insights, pit-bull intensity and more than a few cold calls until the job’s done right. Frankly, the toughest searches are our favorites!