So you want a job in the outdoor industry?

1. Get specific – Narrow down your focus to the industry you want to work in (action sports, outdoor, ski, etc.), segment (retail, manufacturing / brand, etc.), and job (sales, product, marketing, etc.).

2. Get a guide – For mid-high level jobs find a recruiter that is engaged in this space – like us here at Frontier Talent.

3. Find a mentor – An experienced and connected veteran of the outdoor industry is an invaluable resource for leads and advice.
Frontier Talent has several industry experts that will share their experiences and insight via phone conference for a small price. Feel free to contact us for details.

4. Be targeted – Use the Outdoor Industry Association or SNEWS sites to search for companies in your area, and go to their websites.

5. Go virtual – Search for opportunities on one of several job sites:

6. Network 2.0 – Join an online group like LinkedIn. There are several groups dedicated to the outdoor and action sports industries. You’ll also find outdoor opportunities in more general groups like the Green Network, the Consultant’s Network, and others.

7. Think global, act local – Never forget to use your local newspaper or the job boards to find entry-level openings.

8. Hit the trade show floor – Just remember that executives at trade shows are there to meet with customers. Use this as an opportunity to do company research and to identify the right person to talk to for your target role. Special Note: Most tradeshows are not open to the public, so you’ll need to find an exhibitor or retailer who will get you a badge.

9. To build on the last comment – network, network, network!

10. Go shopping – Visit your local retailer to find out which brands are doing well, which are hiring, and if they have any openings you may be interested in.

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